Jasminer Troubleshooting & Repair Guide (13 Common Problems)

Jasminer Troubleshooting & Repair Guide (13 Common Problems)

This post introduces 13 common problems and solutions which may happen to Jasminer ETC miners.

How to Mark Anomaly Index?

Go to the management interface then tick the box in front of “abnormal display red” at the right side of this screen. And you can set up the temperature range minimum running time, minimum average hashrate, and maximum rejection rate. Miners who don’t meet any of these criteria will be marked in red.

Does the Overclocking (225MHZ) Mode Bring a Higher Hashrate?

The marked hashrate is based on test results in standard mode (200MHZ). You can try overclocking to see if it can increase hashrate, but hashrate in overclocking (225MHZ) mode is not guaranteed.

How Long Does It Take to Display Hashrate After Configuration?

Usually, 30 to 40 minutes after configuration, you can see the hashrate.

How Long Does It Take to Repair a JASMINER Product?

After we acknowledge the receipt of your miner on your after-sale service order, repairs are generally completed in 5 business days. Your repair might take longer than anticipated due to parts backorders, shipping problems, or other factors beyond JASMINER’s control.

How to Monitor the Real-time Status of Miners?

Utilizing the sL_miner program, you can keep an eye on the miners. Click the “automatic monitoring “button at the top-right corner of the main interface and select the interval time below this button. By doing so, the real-time running status will
be updated automatically.

How to Quickly Configure a Few Miners in Sl_miner Software Scanning Results?

You can tick the boxes in front of miners that need to be configured, and then click “Configuration”. If you only need to configure a portion of the listed miners, do not select them all; doing so will affect the miners that are currently working.

How to Find a Specified Miner Among a Large Number of Miners?

There are two situations:

Need to track down a physical miner connected to an IP.
Select the server in the sl_miner software main interface and click the “Green light flash ” button. Look for the indicator light that blinks quickly on the miners’ equipment. Click the “Normal blinking” button to set the blink frequency of the indicator light back to normal.

A miner’s operational status must be ascertained.
Click the “Start Monitoring button” on the management interface of sl_miner software and press the “IP report” button on the miner you need to check. The IP address of this miner is displayed in the IP report section of the sl_miner software management interface. And you can check the running status of this miner in sl_miner according to its IP.

Miners Are in different IP segments. How can manage All the Miners at One Time in Sl_miner Software?

In sl_miner software maininterfaceclickIP Rangenear the top-left corner to add and then select the IP segments you need. After that, you can search for miners in particular IP ranges.

How to Distinguish All Servers in the Same Network?

Selecting the IP option in the miner suffix area in the main interface of the sl_miner software allows you to add suffix to miners. After that, the”miner#” columns in the display list below will show the account name/wallet + the miner’s suffix (part of the miners’ IP).

How to Use the Sl_miner Group Control Software to Configure Multiple Miners?

Enter the mining pool address and wallet/account information in the sl_miner software’s main interface. Add and select IP segments by clicking the “IP range” button. click”Start Scanning” to scan all servers in the selected IP segments.
Then, select all miners in the display area, and click”Configuration ” to configure all the miners at one time.

How to Sort Miners in Sl_miner Software?

By selecting Miner IP, Running Status, etc. from the main interface of the sl_miner software, you can sort miners in either ascending or descending order.

In An Unsupervised IDC Room, If There is a Power Outage Or a Network Disconnection, Do I Need to Manually Activate/configure All the Miners Again After the Power Supply Or the Network Connection is Restored?

Miners don’t require manual reconfiguration. The miners will start operating automatically once the power or network connection is restored, depending on your configuration.

What Should I Do If the is Lower Than the Marked Hashrate?

As opposed to real-time hashrate, the average hashrate more accurately represents overall performance. A continuously running miner’s average hashrate over a 24-hour period should fall within the marked hashrate range plus or minus 10%. For help, please get in touch with after-sales service if the 24-hour average hashrate falls outside of this range.

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